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Hose Crimping Machine SNP-M200

Short Description:

Products Name: Hose Crimping Machine
Crimping range: 1/4”-2” for 4 wire hose
Swagging range: 6-87mm
Standard Voltage: 380V
Motor power: 3Kw
Alternative Voltage& power: 220V/2.2Kw
Diameter L*W*H: 670mmx490mmx780mm
Weight without oil: 260Kg

Product Detail

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Brief Introduction

SNP-M200  is mainly used for crimping the hydraulic hose assemblies when there are no electric power place, it is a one manual power crimping machine, it has great advantages for mobile mechanical maintenance and outdoor situations with no power supply, no need for power supply and thus few environment constrains, Light and tiny body, moving easily.

hose crimping machine M200-1
hose crimping machine crimping tool

Product Parameter

Part No. : M200
Hose Size: 1-1/2" 2SN
Max Opening: 100mm
Crimping Force:  2030kN
Diameter L*W*H:  630mmx510mmx410mm
Total Weight: 100KG

Choose the right one to your hose workshop

The M200 crimping hose is our popular hose crimping tools which is the manual handle hydraulic hose crimping equipment need no power available, so it is suitable for the hydraulic hose making service outdoor. It can meet emergencies rescue for the Construction sites, mines, and construction sites 7/24 service.

This machine are small the carry and convenient to operate, and it can crimping the hose from 3/16” to 1.1/4”

hose crimping machine crimping dies-2

Main Technical Feature

1.Portable 1.1/4”Crimping range
2.No electricity required/ manual handle
3.Enervate hand pump
4.Complete die set
5. Easily control, operation and safety

Hose crimping machine cerification


This hose crimping machine is widely used for making hose assembles for all kinds of construction machines, agriculture machines, and all kinds of industrial equipment. SNP-DX68 hose crimper are the most hot sale model which can crimping the hose size range from 1/4" to 2"

Hose crimping machine application

Product Production Process

hose machine-production line-2

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Shipping and After-sales

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