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Hose Crimping Machine SNP-240F

Short Description:

Products Name: Hose Crimping Machine
Crimping range: 8” for 16S
Swagging range: 480mm
Master die shoe length: 97mm
Standard Voltage: 380V/50Hz
Motor power: 5.5Kw
Alternative Voltage& power: 440V
Diameter L*W*H:1250mmx820mmx1250mm
Weight without oil: 1800Kg

Product Detail

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Brief Introduction

SNP-240D is mainly used for the large size high pressure rubber pipe assembly in the mechanical engineering. It can also be used for buckling the two-way bends, especially large bends and irregular shape bends.
The crimping force was 38000kN, much powerful machine for the large size hydraulic hose, and industrial hose, but the noise just 75dB.
This machine features small and portable appearance, big force, low noise and easy to oper- ate. The buckling amount can be precise adjusted through a scale. It makes the mould base division to be more even through the double inclined plane eight-flap mould seat equipped with a high accuracy guiding device.
The standard spare parts include 14 sets of high hardness dies come with the machine, bring the operator more optional multi-use crimping service.
The other crucial aspect is the pressing range, because of the powerful crimp force, this hose crimper can assemble up to 8 inches 6 layers hydraulic hoses, the hose assembly effect from it is perfect!

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hose crimping machine crimping tool

Product Parameter

Part No. : 240F
Hose Size: 8" 16S
Oil Cylinder Size:  880mm
Swagging Range: ¤480mm
Master Die Shoe Length:  200mm
Standard Voltage:  380V/50Hz
Motor Power:  5.5kW
Option Voltage & Power: 440V
Pump:  36L/min
Number of Swagging/Hour:  400
Noise Level:  75dB
Max Opening: ¤+66mm
Crimping Force:  38000kN
Diameter L*W*H:  1250mmx820mmx1250mm
Weight Without Oil:  1800KG

Choose the right one to your hose workshop

Choose the right one to your hose workshop!

1) Digital controlled hose crimping machine


Digital controlled crimping machines have obvious advantages over traditional crimping tools. The touchscreen operation panel is more convenient to operate. The traditional manual adjustment is replaced by the digital controlled electrical ruler, with a crimping precision of 0.01mm, which is 10 times that of traditional crimping machines.


2) Material


The oil cylinder cover, oil tank and piston rod are made of 40 chromium, we used the imported and famous domestic power motor, quality warranty one year.


3) Hydraulic conduction system


Our machine adopt the stable pressure conduction and great longevity hydraulic conduction system. It has oil tight and durable. Meanwhile it improve the performance of the hose pressing.


4) Die connection


Magnetism connection of crimping dies, crimping dies are neat and nice, which is more convenient for assembly and disassembly.

hose crimping machine crimping dies-2

Main Technical Feature

1) Using forge steel machine head, more durable than general steel.

2) CNC operation panel, simple controls and operation.

3) CNC system, high crimp accuracy which is within 0.01mm.

4) Equipped with a foot pedal, very convenient for free hand operate.

5)  Quick changing gun ,very convenient to remove and install dies

Hose crimping machine cerification


240F crimping machine is leading model in terms of speed, precision, reliability and durability. It is suitable for high strength pressure hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses,and designed to handle the high production volumes hoses.

Hose crimping machine application

Product Production Process

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Shipping and After-sales

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