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Since hose may change in length from +2% to -4% under the surge of high pressure, provide sufficient slack for expansion and contraction.
Never use a bending radius less than the minimum shown in the hose specification tables. The bending radius of the hose should be far away from the hose fitting (A>1.5R)
Hose bending radius is bigger when it is in motion.
Choose proper fittings, avoid twisting in hose lines bent in two planes.
Avoid twisting in hose by use clamp properly.
Hose should not be twisted, hose is weak when installed in twisted position. Also pressure in twisted hose tends to loosen fitting connections. Design so that machine motion produces bending rather that twisting.
Leave proper length when the hose in connected
Choose proper fittings, avoid too small bending radius and excess force.
Choose proper fittings, avoid excessive hose length.
Reuse friction, avoid hose touching the object directly or far away from the object.
Hose Active Working Pressure Working Life
As shown , when active working pressure in 1.25 times recommended working pressure, the hose working life is only half of i under working in recommended working pressure.
Store Conditions of the Assembly.
1.If possible, the storing temperature range is within 0-30 ℃. During storing, temperature should not exceed 50℃
2.The storing areas can not place equipment within can produce ozone.For example mercury vapour lamp, high voltage electric device and other equipment which can produce spark or set out electricity.
3.Can not be placed with erosive products or exposed over gas-volatile on these products.
4.Far away from heat source and equipment which can produce electric field or magnetic field
5.Avoid sunshine or strong artificial light source
6.Avoid to touch the sharp objects or the ground
7.Guarantee against rodent attacking.
8.Observe the rule of “First in, then first out”

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