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Hydraulic Hose Cutting Machine SNP-C20

Short Description:

Products Name: Hose Cutting Machine
Cutting range: 1/4”-2” 4S & 3” 2S
Motor Power: 5.5Kw
Standard voltage :380V/50Hz
Diameter L*W*H:810mm*610mm*1150mm

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    Brief Introduction

    Sinopulse hose cutting machine are highest precision and efficiency to cutting the hydraulic hose range from 3/18” to 3” in the world wide.

    This model cutting machine have solid and compact tools keeps the cutting function sage and high quality level.

    With the powerful motors and property positioning and extraordinarily sharp cutting blades is the biggest advantage of our machine

    Less vibration makes the machine durability and low maintenance expense.

    The users like the no scales and extraordinarily small smoke when they manufacture the hydraulic hose assemblies.  

    CE standard brake motors insure the machines are low energy consumption, high economic deficiency, particular in bulk production lines.


    The oversized shafts avoid vibration and extend service life of maximizing blade and motor. It is also suitable for the faster and straighter cutting process.

    The brake motor and operating guarding helps us meet the safety regulations. 

    Hose cutting machine C20-1

    Product Parameter

    Part No. : C20
    Cutting Range:  2"  4S & 3" 2S
    Max ¤ 100m
    Revolutions/minute:  2900r/min
    Pneumatic input  0.8Mpa
    Blade Measure  350mm
    Dimension LxWxH 810mm*610mm*1150mm
    Standard voltage : 380V/50Hz
    Motor power : 5.5kW
    Measuring Hose Holder Optional 

    Feature Description

    1.Simple structure, economical and applicable
    2.Adjustable handle working stroke amplitude
    3.Foot pedal control
    4.Safety operation and high efficient
    5.Adopted the dust-extraction unit
    6.Low noise


    This model is suitable for cutting all kinds of steel wire braided hose1SN, 2SN R1,R2, R5, R4, R16, R17, 1SC, 2SC, steel wire spiraled hose R12, R13, R15, 4SP, 4SH, adding cloth hose and cotton reinforced hose range from 6mm to 51 mm (1/4”-2” ).
    It is the best choice for making hose assemblies maintenance and manufacturers

    Product Production Process

    HYDRAULIC HOSE 1SN-6-production line-2
    hose machine-production line-2

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    Shipping and After-sales

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